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  • Nuance Dragon Professional Individual for Mac 6.0.6 MacOSX | 2.58 GB

    Introducing the all-new Dragon Professional Individual for Mac, v6. With an all-new, next-generation speech engine leveraging Deep Learning technology, enable more accurate dictation and transcription, along with powerful customization and mobility features to drive documentation productivity—wherever work takes you.
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  • Filter Forge 6.006 MacOSX

    Filter Forge 6.006 MacOSX | 149.2 MB

    Filter Forge is a powerful Photoshop plugin and a stand-alone desktop application for Windows and Mac OS X that allows photographers, web designers, 3D modelers and other computer artists to apply over 5800 ready-to-use visual effects to their images, generate over 6000 of unique procedural textures, and create their own filters.
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  • Commander One PRO Multilangual MacOSX

    Commander One PRO Multilangual MacOSX | 21.8 MB

    Commander One is a refined solution for easy management of big loads of files and folders on your Mac. For all those who’ve been missing a famous dual-panel file manager for Mac, we tried to keep the best of what the classic solution offered, and did it with all the affection to OS X users. Totally new Commander One for Mac is 100% naturally written in Swift and will bring back long forgotten feeling of fast & convenient keyboard and mouse Finder alternative. Commander One is a refined solution for easy management of big loads of files and folders on your Mac.
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  • Allegorithmic Substance Painter | MacOSX | 1.04 GB

    Substance Painter is a brand new 3D Painting app with never before seen features and workflow improvements to make the creation of textures for 3D assets easier than ever. It is acknowledged as the most innovative and user-friendly 3D Painter out there.
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  • Pixellu SmartAlbums 2.0.24 MacOSX

    Pixellu SmartAlbums 2.0.24 MacOSX | 75.6 MB

    Album Design Software for Photographers. Enjoy making albums with SmartAlbums. The fastest, easiest and most intuitive album design software available. We’ve made it easy so you can get back to the things you love.
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  • Jumsoft Business Templates for Pages 3.1.4 MacOSX

    Jumsoft Business Templates for Pages 3.1.4 MacOSX | 1.11 Gb

    Convince your clients, impress your peers - Business Templates Lab for Pages by Jumsoft makes creating gripping Pages documents easier and quicker than ever before! Hundreds of professional templates and near-infinite customization opportunities make it the most powerful tool available to unleash your creativity in business documents.
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  • Xversion 1.2.1 | MacOSX | 36.4 MB
    Xversion is a great way to manage your Subversion working copies and repositories. It's fast, powerful, and so intuitive and easy-to-use, you'll probably never need to read the manual. From starting out creating repositories-to checking out, editing properties, advanced merging, resolving conflicts, committing, updating, and lots more-Xversion has you covered. Built exclusively for Mac, its sleek, beautifully designed interface belies its comprehensive functionality.

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  • Jaksta Media Recorder 1.5.1 | MacOSX | 31 Mb

    More than just an ordinary video and music downloader, Jaksta Media Recorder makes it incredibly easy to save and convert videos and music from thousands of web sites directly to your mac.

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  • MacBooster 4.1.1 (Mac OSX)

    MacBooster 4.1.1 MacOSX | 28 MB

    The hard drive of your Mac quickly clogged with unnecessary files, such as binary files, event logs, caches, etc. This is especially true if you have a SSD-drive small size. MacBooster can find and delete these files to free up disk space. You will have more space for the files you need.
    Faster - better!
    When using multiple programs, your computer may slow down due to lack of RAM. Sometimes the system simply hangs, ceasing to respond to your commands! MacBooster comprises means for optimizing memory, which solves this problem. Freeing up unused memory, it increases the responsiveness of the system. MacBooster can also speed up loading of OS X, streamlining the download list.
    Your personal data are protected.

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  • Aiseesoft Mac PDF Converter Ultimate 3.3.23 (Mac OSX)
    Aiseesoft Mac PDF Converter Ultimate 3.3.23 (Mac OSX)
    Languages: English, German, French, Japanese

    Mac PDF Converter Ultimate is a highly efficient and very useful PDF application for Mac users which easily converts PDF files to document (Text, Word, Excel, EPUB, and HTML) and/or image (TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TGA, PPM, and JPEG2000) files with high speed and accuracy.

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  • SecuritySpy 4.1 MacOSX

    SecuritySpy 4.1 MacOSX | 12.6 Mb

    SecuritySpy is a multi-camera video surveillance app. With features such as motion detection, real-time compression and network video streaming, SecuritySpy has everything required for demanding video surveillance applications. Combined with OS X, the rock-solid operating system from Apple, SecuritySpy offers unsurpassed speed, stability, and ease-of-use.
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  • Templates Bundle for iWork - Templates Guru By Alungu 5.0 MacOSX

    Templates Bundle for iWork - Templates Guru By Alungu 5.0 MacOSX | 2.03 GB

    Templates Bundle for iWork - Templates Guru is the ultimate tool for users of iWork, providing you with over 800 templates for Pages, Numbers and Keynote.
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  • IP Scanner Pro 3.56 MacOSX

    IP Scanner Pro 3.56 MacOSX | 8,1 Mb

    IP Scanner Pro - LAN scanner for Mac OS X
    IP Scanner - the application scans the local network for the establishment of all the computers and devices with IP-address. Scan results can be organized any way you see fit. Once the device is determined, it can be assigned any name and icon for easier recognition in the general list.
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  • JixiPix Portrait Painter 1.30 MacOSX

    JixiPix Portrait Painter 1.30 MacOSX | 17.1 MB

    JixiPix is proud to give you Portrait Painter a revolutionary paint product that simulates a hand painted gallery-style portrait on fine linen or canvas. This professional painting tool will add color, light and texture, to your painting, which harmonize intelligently—and with stunning candor, to produce fabulous works of art that resonates with vibrant life. Artists, Photographers & Hobbyists will love watching their subjects transcend from the living to become immortalized in a timeless masterpiece.
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  • Downie 2.7.3 MacOSX

    Downie 2.7.3 MacOSX | 28.8 MB

    Downie is the only video download for OS X you will ever need. It isn't simply another YouTube-downloader: Downie supports at this moment over 700 different sites! The full list may be viewed in Downie's preferences, under the Sites tab.
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