Bandisoft Honeycam 2.0 Beta 12

Bandisoft Honeycam 2.0 Beta 12

Bandisoft Honeycam 2.0 Beta 12 | 5 Mb

Make great animated GIFs using Honeycam, very easy to use and editing software to create a Gif!
With Honeycam, everyone can easily capture game screens and streaming videos on YouTube or other video players to make them wonderful and funny GIFs (animated images or animated GIF / WebP / WebM)!


Simple and easy GIF creator
Just save and save after selecting a specific area of the video screen with Honeycam create Gifs difficult to do otherwise. With Honeycam, you can now and easily make GIFs and enjoy them too

Creates high-quality GIF images
Honeycam can create ultra-high-definition animated Gifs using its high quality dithering feature to maintain the quality of the original video.

WebP and WebM support
Honeycam supports WebM and WebP, which are the latest image and video formats that Google has developed. Although they are only visible on selected browsers such as Chrome, etc., these formats are suitable for high-quality GIF images with small files.

Offers various editing features and effects
The program offers fun features - such as reverse playback, yo-yo effect, or screen transition, as well as filters such as blur, etc. - to help you make amazing changes to your images

Use your own watermark
You can use your own text or watermarked images on an animated GIF. It can be used to insert your logo, title, message, etc. See more>

Simple Image Sharing
You can share images by posting them on Facebook, Twitter, messengers or forum as GIFs created can be downloaded directly through free image sharing services. In addition, the addresses of the images can be easily obtained thanks to the links provided.

New Functions for Honeycam 2.0
The differences between Honeycam 2.0 and Honeycam 1.x are as follows:

1. Improved Internal structure
We have improved the Internal structure of Honeycam to add new features easily.

2. No longer supports Windows XP
Honeycam no longer supports Windows XP because Honeycam 2.0 uses Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 which doesn't support Windows XP.

3. Improved GIF saving speed
We have increased GIF saving speed by up to 30% by using the latest compiler, and we now support NEUQUANT, OCTREE algorithms which provide slightly worse image quality but the saving speed is much faster than the previous LIQ algorithm.

4. Added support for the MP4 format
Honeycam now supports the MP4 format (H.264 video codec). However, Windows Vista does not support this feature.

5. Added support for VP9 codec of WebM
Honeycam now supports VP9 which is better at compression while maintaining the same video quality than previous VP8 codec.

6. Preview the image quality and file size
Honeycam is able to preview the image quality and file size before saving. (The image preview feature is only available in GIF format.)

7. Additional file Manage tab
Recorded files (GIF, MP4, WebM, WebP) can be edited and uploaded on to a free image sharing site like under the Manage tab.

8. Additional Magnifier
The magnifying glass feature was added to easily adjust/resize the recording target .

9. Improved WebP format
Honeycam now supports the blend feature of the WebP format. The recorded file size will be reduced if the recording target doesn't move frequently.

10. Added support for alpha image
GIF, PNG, APNG, WebP which have transparency and alpha channels are now imported and saved as GIF/WebP image format including transparency.

11. Improved update feature
The download speed through the internal updater of Honeycam has increased.

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