Magic Retouch Pro 3.3 plug-in for Photoshop (Win/Mac)

Magic Retouch Pro 3.3 plug-in for Photoshop (Win/Mac)

Magic Retouch Pro 3.3 plug-in for Photoshop (Win/Mac) | 10.6 MB

Magic Retouch Pro is a Photoshop extension plug-in with which you can do professional level retouching but without any retouching knowledge or experience. Magic Retouch Pro is perfect for novice users, but also gives time saving tools for more experienced users. Magic Retouch Pro has robust tool set such as Skin Retouching, Teeth Whitening, Eyes Enhancer, Lips Enhancer, Digital Makeup, Skin Looks & more.

Skin Retouching
Easy to use Skin Retouching tools, just paint brush over the skin and MRP will retouch the skin automagicaly.

Teeth Whitening
Easy to use One Click Teeth Whitening and option to manually whiten teeth for greater control and precision.

Lip Gloss
Easily apply lip gloss which adds gloss naturally based on lips highlight areas.

Natural Lip Color
Boost natural color of lips just by brushing over the lips.

Eyes Color Changer
Realistically change eyes color with Eyes Color Changer.

Eyes Enhancer
Extract the hidden detail of eyes to bring the focus on eyes with the ability to modify detail strength.

Digital Makeup
Apply Digital Makeup such as Lips Stick, Blush on, & Eye Shade.

Skin Looks
Change look of the skin to Tan Skin, Candy Skin, Gritty Skin, & High Key Skin.

Intuitive Interface
Magic Retouch Pro has user friendly, streamline and intuitive interface. With categorized features and consistent navigation you will never be lost. Easily get the the feature you want with organized layout & descriptive labels. Buttons & slider gives you maximum control over the effect.

Whats New:
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version

- Photoshop CS5 - Photoshop CC 2015
- OS X / Windows

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    valcambrense 11 May 2016 #

    I have CC6, and cannot install this
    Ive followed the steps as per attached .txt folder, but not successfull??

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