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    Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 v21.0.2 MacOS X

    Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 v21.0.2 MacOS X | 2.18 GB

    Create beautiful vector art. The industry-standard vector graphics app lets you create logos, icons, sketches, typography, and complex illustrations for print, web, interactive, video, and mobile. It’s Illustrator like you’ve never seen it. See how the fastest Illustrator ever helps you go from first idea to finished artwork just like that.
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    Mailplane 3.6.9 MacOSX

    Mailplane 3.6.9 MacOSX | 29 MB

    Mailplane combines Gmail's fast search, spam protection, endless storage and unique user interface with great Mac features. And there is no need to set-up and learn another email application if you already know and love Gmail.
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    Home Design 3D Outdoor & Garden 4.0.2 MacOSX

    Home Design 3D Outdoor & Garden 4.0.2 MacOSX | 64.2 MB

    Bring all your outdoor design projects to life! The simple, intuitive and comprehensive Home Design 3D Outdoor application boasts all the features that made Home Design 3D such a success.
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    iMazing 2.1.8 Multilangual MacOSX

    iMazing 2.1.8 Multilangual MacOSX | 54.3 MB

    iMazing is a comprehensive OS X software solution that provides a clean and organized interface for browsing the contents of any device running iOS. Moreover, the iMazing app is able to detect any iOS device as soon you connect it to your Mac and will automatically load its contents for easy and simple browsing.
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    Wolf - Responsive Website Designer 1.33 MacOSX

    Wolf - Responsive Website Designer 1.33 MacOSX | 98 MB

    Wolf Website Designer is a native Mac application that makes it simple to design and publish professional, mobile-friendly, websites.
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    Priime Styles 1.3.1 MacOSX

    Priime Styles 1.3.1 MacOSX | 109.5 MB

    Apply professional photo presets created and used by the world’s best modern day photographers.
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    Veertu Desktop 1.2.97 MacOSX

    Veertu Desktop 1.2.97 MacOSX | 13.6 MB

    Run Windows and Linux on your Mac alongside OS X. Veertu is simple, light, secure virtualization software designed for Mac. With Veertu you can run your favorite Window or Linux distribution directly on OS X. Veertu is powered by Hypervisor framework and runs entirely in sandbox,eliminating the need for root permissions and kernel extensions. That makes it the most stable and secure virtualization solution for your Mac.
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    1stFlip Flipbook Creator Pro 2.7.17 MacOSX

    1stFlip Flipbook Creator Pro 2.7.17 MacOSX | 138 MB

    1stFlip Flipbook Creator Mac Pro is a professional PDF to html5 flipbook creator to convert PDF or images to digital interactive HTML5/Flash flipbook magazines, catalogs, brochures, e-Books, newsletters with realistic page turning effects.
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    FastCut 3.2.3 Mac OS X

    FastCut 3.2.3 Mac OS X | 17.4 MB

    FastCut offers advanced video editing in real-time. Experience outstanding performance. FastCut uses the power of the GPU for accelerated graphical calculations. This is the versatile must-have tool for everyone editing video on the Mac.
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    Parallels Desktop Business Edition Multilingual MacOSX

    Parallels Desktop Business Edition Multilingual MacOSX | 345.5 MB

    Parallels allows you to run Windows and Mac applications side by side. Choose your view to make Windows invisible while still using its applications, or keep the familiar Windows background and controls on your Mac.
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    OSCulator 3.1.1 MacOSX

    OSCulator 3.1.1 MacOSX | 11.6 MB

    OSCulator is the missing link between your controllers and your music or video software. For example, you can use your Nintendo Wiimote or Apple iPhone with Ableton Live or any MIDI compatible application, with ease.
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    Millumin 2.17k MacOSX

    Millumin 2.17k MacOSX | 36 MB

    Millumin 2 - Software to create audiovisuals shows. For theater, videomapping and interactive installation.
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    PlaybackPro Plus 3.7.0 MacOSX

    PlaybackPro Plus 3.7.0 MacOSX | 18.8 MB

    PlaybackPro Plus drives professional, high-definition, nonlinear media playback to the next level. Live event experts will benefit immediately from a mixer for crossfades and direct cuts between clips, support for still images and available remote control over Ethernet. Like PlaybackPro, it far surpasses the limitations of legacy technologies like DDRs, DVD players and video tape machines, streamlining digital workflows.
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    Aiseesoft PDF Converter 3.3.19 Multilingual MacOSX

    Aiseesoft PDF Converter 3.3.19 Multilingual MacOSX | 437.1 MB

    With it, you can convert DPF to Word/Excel/Powerpoint/Image/Text/EPUB freely. Also, you can use it as a PDF reader to preview PDF files before convertingHow to convert PDF to .jpg/.doc/.epub/.ppt/.png/.txt and more document or image formats? Use this all-in-one PDF converter!
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    QLab 4.0.4 Pro Bundle Mac OS X

    QLab 4.0.4 Pro Bundle Mac OS X | 16.3 MB

    QLab provides live show control for your Mac. Create media designs for theatre, dance, composition, installation, and more. Play back audio, video, and MIDI from a single workspace. QLab 4 includes an all-new Light cue, a huge update to QLab Remote for iOS, and over 40 other new features.
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