Welcome To The Zone: Peak Performance Redefined

Welcome To The Zone: Peak Performance Redefined
Scott Ford, "Welcome To The Zone: Peak Performance Redefined"
2013 | EPUB | 196 pages | ISBN: 147870652X | English | 1.7 MB

What if you could reach peak performance…all the time?

“Scott has devoted his entire professional career to understanding and mastering the zone in tennis. His training system is both effective and practical. His approach clearly demonstrates the importance of visualization in achieving peak performance.”

– Dr. Jim Loehr, author of The Power of Full Engagement

Flow, the zone, peak performance…there are different names for it, but you know how powerful it is when you’re there. Conventional coaching wisdom says there is no reliable formula to reach that state, but Scott Ford is here to turn that thinking on its head.

Inspired by his own experience, Scott developed The Parallel Mode Process, a real protocol to get in the zone. Peak performance is directly related to enhanced consciousness, and you can learn to create it. The body-mind presence that Scott teaches has useful applications in all parts of your life, but if you’re looking to improve your tennis game exponentially and consistently, Welcome to the Zone is the book for you.

Get in the zone by choice, not by chance!

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