Insights from the Ordinary: A Therapist's Journey

Insights from the Ordinary: A Therapist's Journey
Mitch Rosenzweig, "Insights from the Ordinary: A Therapist's Journey"
2012 | EPUB | 182 pages | ISBN: 1478717238 | English | 0.3 MB

Rethinking the ordinary

It seemed it happened almost daily, a client would return to my office and say, have been thinking about what you said last week. This is what you want them to do between sessions, but always strikes a brief note of terror as I ponder what stupid thing I might have said. More often than not, they return with some sort of insight from an analogy or metaphor I had used. Aside from a gasp of relief, it was always a compliment that I had somehow connected with them.

Self-care requires us to continually reshape our thinking. But insight doesn't need to come from hours of deep thought. Simple things happen every day in our world that inspire introspection and positive thought. We just need to look at them a bit differently to gain a new understanding of ourselves.

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