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    Siemens NX 10.0.3 MP11 Win/Linux Update-SSQ
    Siemens NX 10.0.3 MP11 Win/Linux Update-SSQ | 1.12 GB

    1. Set only pre NX 10.0.3 (NX 10.0 MR3)
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    Type3 CAA V5 Based v5.5B for CATIA V5R18-R25 Win64-SSQ
    Type3 CAA V5 Based v5.5B for CATIA V5R18-R25 Win64-SSQ | 1.37 GB

    Description: Type3 for CATIA V5- application CATIA V5 to Relieve inscriptions and drawings of any complexity on the surface of CATIA 3D-models
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    AutoMapa 6.21 1608 EU Final
    AutoMapa 6.21 1608 EU Final | 3.34 GB

    AutoMapa - a program for GPS navigation. There are 3D and night mode. Present audio languages: RU, LT, EN, DE, FR, option "Truck". Can calculate land area. AutoMapa is very comfortable and functional navigation software helps you find the quickest or the shortest route to the desired object, and the uchityvyutsya negatives of turns, reversals, one-way traffic in major cities and many other nuances.
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    45 UFO 23.11.2015
    Jeppesen Cycle 1625 Full World
    Jeppesen Cycle 1625 Full World | 2.79 GB

    Description: The program for the planning and calculation of the route of the airplane (helicopter) programs included with the card company Jeppesen aeronautical information, allows you to automatically lay and directions for a specific type of aircraft. It consists of three parts. Updated every two weeks.
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    Cummins INCAL 08.2016
    Cummins INCAL 08.2016 | 19.21 GB

    Description: The calibration files for Cummins engines.
    Extras. Info: Works with versions 7.x Insite
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    Navitel Navitel 2016 Q3 to 9.7 "All-inclusive"
    Navitel Navitel 2016 Q3 to 9.7 "All-inclusive" | 11.66 GB

    Card is only work with official licenses to version 7.9.1924 and later for navigators NAVITEL G500, E500, N400, N500 and 09.07.1950 and above for OS Android!
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    Keysight Suite 2016 Win32/Win64-SSQ
    Keysight Suite 2016 Win32/Win64-SSQ | 8.65 GB

    ADS (Advanced Design System) - computer-aided design
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    ADS system is the most advanced in the industry system of computer-aided design (CAD) systems RF, microwave and high speed digital electronic devices. The CAD ADS first used such innovative and commercially successful technologies, such as X-parameters * and 3D electromagnetic (EM) simulation used by leading companies in the field of wireless communications, computer networks, in the aerospace and defense industry. With a variety of libraries and co-simulation at the level of "circuit-system-EM analysis" in a single software package, the ADS system provides a full cycle of design and verification devices WiMAX ™, LTE, high-speed data devices, radar and satellite systems.

    The main advantages of CAD ADS
    • Complete integrated suite of easy to use software for accurate simulation systems, circuits and electromagnetic simulation
    • Specialized Design Assistants (DesignGuides) for various applications accumulate many years of experience in the design of electronic devices
    • In contrast to other design systems CAD ADS secured exclusive early support of the leading manufacturers of chips and components
    EMPro 2015.01 Win64
    EMPro- software electromagnetic 3D simulation

    Software Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro) company Keysight EEsof EDA is a software platform of the electromagnetic (EM) of three-dimensional (3D) modeling to analyze the volume of EM effects of various electronic components, including the housing of high-speed and high-frequency circuits, connecting wires, antennas, circuit and external passive components and interconnection PCBs. EMPro program is characterized by a modern design, simulation and analysis, high-performance modeling technology, as well as the ability to integrate CAD ADS - the industry's best RF system design and microwave devices.
    The main advantages of EM simulation program EMPro
    • Integration of the design route. Creation of 3D components, which can be modeled in conjunction with the schemes and topologies ADS CAD tools by using co-simulation "EM-circuit"
    • A wide range of simulation technologies. Configure and start the analysis with the use of 3D EM simulation technology in both the frequency and time domains: the finite element method (FEM) and finite-difference time-domain method (FDTD)
    • User-friendly Design interface. Quickly create arbitrary three-dimensional structures with a modern easy-to-use interface; advanced features for creating scripts
    Genesys 2015.08 Win64
    Genesys - software for designing RF and microwave devices
    The software company Genesys Keysight is an affordable, easy-to-use, high-performance design tool designed for developers of RF and microwave circuit boards and modules. package of economic effectiveness can be confirmed by more than 5,000 users. Genesys software pays for itself in the first year of operation, eliminating the need for extra steps prototyping through accurate automated synthesis schemes.

    The main advantages of CAD Genesys
    • the industry's broadest set of tools for the automated synthesis of RF / microwave filters, matching circuitry and circuits
    • Modeling of RF systems and frequency planning, which allows to analyze the underlying causes of problems
    • Linear and nonlinear circuit design simulators RF circuits with the ability to optimize circuit parameters, and statistical analysis of product yield
    • 3D-planar electromagnetic simulator that allows to analyze the topology of printed circuit boards and planar antennas to manufacturing
    • 3 times cheaper and more functional compared to competitive products
    SystemVue 2016.08 Win64
    SystemVue- software design at the system level
    SystemVue Software is a specialized CAD software environment designed for the design of electronic devices at the system level. CAD SystemVue allows system engineers and algorithm developers to optimize the physical layer (PHY) next-generation wireless communication systems and facilities aerospace / defense industry, as well as provides a unique integrated capabilities for developers who use the RF components, digital signal processors, FPGAs and ASICs . As a specialized platform for designing system-level and signal processing, SystemVue replaces the digital, analogue and mathematical general purpose environment. SystemVue allows to halve the design at the physical level and verification devices, but also provides the ability to import the results into the main design of the route.

    The main advantages of CAD SystemVue
    • Best-in-class accuracy of modeling among existing design tools of the physical layer RF and digital parts of the devices
    • Integration with measuring equipment allows to reduce development time and optimize the model-based design flow from the creation of the architecture to the design verification
    • The possibility of interaction between different groups of engineers when working on a single project can increase the efficiency of system development with mixed signals
    IC-CAP 2016.01 Win64
    IC-CAP- CAD for modeling of semiconductor devices
    Software for the analysis and characterization of IC-CAP semiconductor devices is the industry standard for CAD modeling of semiconductor devices in the RF range, and at a constant current. CAD IC-CAP allows precise extraction of compact models that can then be used in high-speed / digital, analog, and RF power applications. The majority of modern enterprises for the production of semiconductor devices and integrated circuit manufacturers use IC-CAP modeling CAD for silicon CMOS, bipolar transistor structures based on gallium arsenide (GaAs) and gallium nitride (GaN) and other semiconductor devices. CAD IC-CAP is the most advanced adaptable software for creating models including tools for measuring, modeling, optimization and statistical analysis.

    The main advantages of CAD IC-CAP
    • The open software architecture, which allows to achieve maximum accuracy and flexibility to create and automate the measurement process, the extraction of parameters and verification
    • Complete solutions for extraction of parameters of standard CMOS models such as BSIM3 / BSIM4, PSP and HiSIM, reduce the time learning how to use CAD and increase the accuracy of models
    • Direct connection to the most common simulation software ensures compatibility with models extracted simulators used by developers of schemes
    MBP 2016.01 Win64
    Model Builder (MBP) - a program for device modeling
    Program Model Builder (MBP) is a comprehensive solution that provides automation and semiconductor device modeling flexibility of silicon-based. MBP program includes a powerful built-in capabilities for modeling and definition of the parameters of the devices, as well as an open interface for configuring the simulation strategy. The unique architecture of Task Tree allows you to adapt the process of extracting the model-specific data, and enables developers to use modern competitive modeling techniques.

    The main advantages of the program Model Builder
    • Ready-to-use solution for creating SPICE models
    • A set of software packages for the extraction patterns for MOSFETs, bipolar transistors, diodes and passive components
    • Support for the latest models, including BSIM6, BSIM-IMG, BSIM-CMG and others.
    • Ability to create aging models, operational models under overload conditions, models of high-voltage devices
    • The ability to automate and customize the extraction process
    • User-friendly user interface and a wide range of support programs for modeling
    MQA 2016.01 Win64
    Model Quality (MQA) - check the quality of the program model
    The program checks the quality of the model (MQA) allows developers and manufacturers of integrated circuits to carry out validation, comparison and documentation of SPICE models. MQA Program provides the industry with a quality assurance standard SPICE models and open communication environment. The program can automatically carry out validation, comparison and documentation of models and guarantees a high quality of design.
    The main advantages of the program MQA
    • Ready-to-use adaptable solution for quality SPICE models
    • Automatic validation and provision of high quality SPICE models
    • Debugging SPICE simulation results
    • Check the factory model of reliability; creating detailed reports on quality assurance models
    • Compare the differences between the versions of the model, SPICE simulators and production technologies
    WaferPro Express 2016.04 Win64
    WaferPro Express software performs automated wafer-level measurements of semiconductor devices such as transistors and circuit components. It provides turnkey drivers and test routines for a variety of instruments and wafer probers. Its new user interface makes it easy to setup and run complex wafer-level test plans, while powerful customization capabilities are enabled by the new Python programming environment.
    WaferPro Express is a key software component of Wafer-level Measurement Solutions (WMS), a joint partnership program by Keysight Technologies and Cascade Microtech. WMS products drastically reduce time to first measurement and provide accurate and repeatable device and component characterization. For more information, refer to Wafer-level Measurement Solutions - Cascade Microtech.
    Key Benefits of WaferPro Express
    • Turnkey test algorithms and instrument drivers reduce the software learning curve and accelerate the process of setting up your measurement system and performing your first measurement.
    • A modern and intuitive user interface quickly enables you to connect to instruments and define a test plan. To further increase efficiency, the software integrates with Cascade Microtech Nucleus and WinCal XE software to enable seamless probe station control and automated RF calibration.
    • New with the latest release is the exclusive integration with Cascade Microtech's latest control software Velox 2.0. The new two-way communication link between WaferPro Express and Velox enables complete wafer map synchronization and automated monitoring of the RF calibration during test plan execution.
    • Advanced tools such as Data Display, Wafer Mapping Data Viewer and the SQL database increase productivity when you need to efficiently handle high-volume data.
    • The Python / PEL programming environment enables you to customize tests algorithms and the analysis of measured data.

    Version: 2015-2016
    Developer: Keysight Technologies
    Developer website:
    Bit depth: 64bit
    Language: English
    Medicine: Present (TeAM SolidSQUAD-SSQ)
    System requirements: Windows
    Description: ADS 2016.01 Win64

    1. Added the current versions of the installer and SystemVue_2016_08_win64.exe waferpro2016_04_shp_win64.exe
    2. Replace the crowbar for compatibility with newer versions

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    Siemens Simatic TIA Portal v14.0 (Siemens Site Package)
    Siemens Simatic TIA Portal v14.0 (Siemens Site Package) | 45.91 GB

    Without uchёtki and long test of loyalty to download Siemens site impossible.
    Download Siemens and is distributed in the original form of self-extracting archives ... which respectively take at least a place to decompress ...
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    Autodesk Delcam 2017 SP2 Suite Multilang Win64-SSQ
    Autodesk Delcam 2017 SP2 Suite Multilang Win64-SSQ | 3.88 GB

    Autodesk (ex Delcam) PowerMILL - an independent, the CAM-system for the preparation of high-control programs for CNC milling machines, which allows you to quickly create a path for the UE without gouge matmodelyam using 2.5D processing, 3-axis machining and multi-axis simultaneous machining. Then, these trajectories can be checked for collisions with other models (eg, clips) and the cartridge, before displaying the trajectory in tap-files.
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    Jeppesen Cycle DVD 1621 Full World
    Jeppesen Cycle DVD 1621 Full World | 2.31 GB

    The program for the planning and calculation of the route of the airplane (helicopter) programs included with the card company Jeppesen aeronautical information, allows you to automatically lay and directions for a specific type of aircraft. It consists of three parts.
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    TomTom Europe TRUCK 975.7708
    TomTom Europe TRUCK 975.7708 | 2.93 GB

    Coverage: Full detail: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Hungary, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Poland, Portugal , Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Canary Islands, the Vatican City, Serbia, Montenegro, Cyprus
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    Mentor Graphics Xpedition Enterprise VX.2 x86/x64
    Mentor Graphics Xpedition Enterprise VX.2 x86/x64 | 9.31 GB

    The software package Xpedition Enterprise from the company Mentor Graphics provides the solution to all engineering and design problems in the design of printed circuit boards, allowing more than 50% reduction in design cycle, significantly improve the efficiency of use of available human and material resources to create (RES) of the latest electronic devices.
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    Strezov Sampling - Thunder X3M Extreme (KONTAKT) REPACK
    Strezov Sampling - Thunder X3M Extreme (KONTAKT) REPACK | 8.21 GB

    The concept behind the original Thunder Series was to capture unique instrument combinations playing live – on-set mixture between timpani and toms, between Bulgarian tupans, snare drums and many more. The series was held in high regard and after some further experiments with the second volume, the third installment even featured a 15 men percussion ensemble recorded in a big hall playing together!
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    Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.1 Build
    Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.1 Build | 7.58 GB

    Cisco Prime Infrastructure Infrastructure manages the full lifecycle of converged wired and wireless networks. It combines management solution LAN Cisco Prime LAN Management Solution (LMS) and network management system Cisco Prime Network Control System (NCS) in a single system to simplify ordering and license management.
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    Larry Seyer Acoustic Drums DVDR 01-02 GiGA-AI
    Larry Seyer Acoustic Drums DVDR 01-02 GiGA-AI
    D01 - 2.97 GB / D02 - 3.18 GB

    The "Larry Seyer Acoustic Drums" library consists of 169 .GIG files and over 1,380 GigaStudio Instrument (.GSI) kits, there are over 8330 different samples totaling over 7 gigabytes of material. In addition users who register this product will receive an additional 35 drum kits.
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