SX Blocker Suite 3.0

SX Blocker Suite v3.0

SX Blocker Suite v3.0 | 9.1 Mb

SX Blocker Suite consists of a collection of tools that aim to improve access control, allowing you to block a list of websites and social networks, as well as to lock the USB ports of your computer.While the applications comprised in the suite are available as separate downloads, SX Blocker Suite is a more powerful asset, as it combines the essentials that any user needs in order to gain full control over the system.

SX Blocker Suite includes following tools,

Facebook Blocker
Google Ad Blocker
Instant YouTube Blocker
Pinterest Blocker
Simple Website Blocker
Twitter Blocker
Universal Ad Blocker
Windows App Blocker
Windows USB Blocker
YouTube Video AD Blocker

Whats New:

Version 3.0: 5th Jan 2017
Major 2017 edition integrating all system, network and AD blocker tools for Windows 10 version. Also added new installer for easier installation & un-installation

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