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New software

     USB File Resc portable
    USB File Resc portable | 3 Mb

    USB File Resc is a small pocket program "freeware" that is used to remove and disinfect USB Extracted Disks (Pendrive) infected with shortcut viruses, recyclers and other types of malware. Not only does it disinfect your removable disk, it also disinfects your computer and stops those bad processes that generate shortcuts again.
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     ConvertAll 0.7.2 + Portable
    ConvertAll 0.7.2 + Portable | 11/26 Mb

    Why write another unit converter? There are plenty of them out there. Well, I couldn't find one that worked quite the way I wanted. With ConvertAll, you can combine the units any way you want. If you want to convert from inches per decade, thats fine. Or from meter-pounds. Or from cubic nautical miles. The units don't have to make sense to anyone else.
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     Realtek High Definition Audio Drivers WHQL
    Realtek High Definition Audio Drivers WHQL | 233.6 Mb

    Realtek High Definition Audio Driver - there is a new driver package with native support for the upcoming OS Windows eighth Realtek High Definition Audio (HDA) is intended for ALC-8xx/2xx chipsets for Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP 32/64bit, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 under 32 or 64-bit, Windows 10.
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     LicenseCrawler 1.91 build 1613 Portable
    LicenseCrawler 1.91 build 1613 Portable | 4 Mb

    LicenseCrawler is a useful utility from Martin Klinzmann that scans through the Windows registry, extracting license key and serial number information.The license information includes that of popular Microsoft products, such as Office, as well as Nero, VMWare and a whole host of other popular applications.
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     LookDisk  v6.6 + Portable
    LookDisk v6.6 + Portable | 8.5 Mb

    LookDisk is multi-functional desktop search tool that you can use to search for files using various parameters. You can search for text contained inside your documents (including PDF files), find duplicate files (by name or content) and also get an overall view of your disks and space usage. Additional features include several advanced filtering options, use of external viewers, support for compressed archive files (ZIP, GZIP, ARJ, CAB, RAR, LZH,7z) and more.
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     SterJo Wireless Passwords 1.7 DC 25.02.2017 + Portable
    SterJo Wireless Passwords 1.7 DC 25.02.2017 + Portable | 3.1 Mb

    Having your wifi password disappear somewhere in your memory sounds like a disturbing and serious thing. But actually it's not a big problem. If it happened to you and you wonder how to find wifi password, which is lost of forgotten, download SterJo Wireless Passwords. It cares about your wireless security. The software is simple and you can quickly retrieve your old wifi password.
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     Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) WHQL
    Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) WHQL | 13.4 Mb

    The Intel® Rapid Storage Technology software package provides high-performance Serial ATA (SATA) and SATA RAID capabilities for supported operating systems. Drivers Rapid Storage Technology (RST) for RAID Intel H55, HM55, P55, PM55, A57, H57, HM57, P57, PM57, Q57, QM57, QS57, X58, H61, B65, HM65, Q65, H67, HM67, P67, Q67, QM67, QS67, UM67, Z68, HM70, B75, HM75, Q75, Z75, HM76, H77, HM77, Q77, QM77, QS77, UM77, Z77, X79, B85, HM86, H87, HM87, Q85, Q87, QM87, Z87, C202, C204, C206 or C216.
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     Subtitle Edit portable
    Subtitle Edit portable | 6.7 Mb

    Subtitle Edit (SE) is an editor for video subtitles - a powerful subtitle editor. With SE you can easily adjust a subtitle if it is out of sync with the video and much more. For a list of features see below or check out the Subtitle Edit Help page. Also, you can watch a few videos about installing and using Subtitle Edit. Dny238 has written a nice tutorial about Syncing Subtitles with Subtitle Edit :)
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     KeyLock 2.0.0
    KeyLock 2.0.0 | 3 Mb

    KeyLock is a program to lock your computer with an USB Flash Drive.
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    45 UFO 23.11.2015
    WebLocker 2.0.1
    WebLocker 2.0.1 | 59.8 Mb

    With its pretty explanatory name, WebLocker is a security-orientated piece of software that can help you improve your online user experience and keep you out of harm's way, at least on the Internet.
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     Avast! Clear 17.2.3419.0 Portable
    Avast! Clear 17.2.3419.0 Portable | 8 Mb

    Avast! Clear is a utility for correct and complete removal of the anti-virus product line AVAST. Avast leaves a lot of garbage behind the computer and in the registry. Especially troublesome registry entries that can, for example, be an obstacle to install another antivirus Avast after. In such cases, you can use a special utility Avast! Clear.
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      Hotspot Shield
    Hotspot Shield | 14 Mb

    Hotspot Shield - The program provides data confidentiality and security of your computer when you connect to Wi-Fi access points, including the automatic encryption of all incoming and outgoing traffic. Software provides a virtual private network (VPN) between your laptop and a wireless access point. This impenetrable tunnel protects your e-mail messages and all data sent over the network, from access to spies and hackers. As a result, you will remain anonymous and protect your privacy.
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     Wise Registry Cleaner 9.41.612 + Portable
    Wise Registry Cleaner 9.41.612 + Portable | 5.7 Mb

    Wise Registry Cleaner can locate and correct problems in the Windows registry, such as missing references to shared DLLs, unused registration entries for file extensions, and missing referenced application paths. Wise Registry Cleaner can also mark the registry items which are safe to remove as well as those which are not advisable to remove. And it will automatically back up the deleted registry. It supports a manual backup for the whole registry before running operations. In essence, this product is safer than other registry tools. Wise Registry Cleaner also allows users to delete system restore points.
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     DSpeech 1.63.1 Portable
    DSpeech 1.63.1 Portable | 4.4 Mb

    DSpeech is a TTS (Text To Speech) program with functionality of ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) integrated. It is able to to read aloud the written text and choose the sentences to be pronounced based upon the vocal answers of the user. It is specifically designed to quickly and directly provide the functions and improved practical usefulness that are requested by this kind of program. In the meantime, the invasiveness and resource consumption is minimal.
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     NETGEAR Genie 2.4.38
    NETGEAR Genie 2.4.38 | 56 Mb

    NETGEAR genie makes getting the most out of your home network fun & easy. More than six million downloads of the genie App lets users easily monitor, connect & control their home network from a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. With NETGEAR genie you can share & stream music or videos, diagnose & repair network issues, set up parental controls & more.
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