Legoaizer+ 4.2 Build 180 Multilingual

Legoaizer+ 4.2 Build 180 Multilingual
Legoaizer+ 4.2 Build 180 Multilingual | 9.6 Mb

This application is really born from a customer request! A person named Jeremy wanted to know if the Mosaizer software was able to create LEGO® mosaics using pictures of bricks. The answer was unfortunately 'no'. So we explored the web, listened carefully to Jeremy's explanations of how the growing community of LEGO® 'bricklayers' work, and how the current software is good - but not great. That community needed a more interactive software, capable to not only work with the available set of colors, shapes and sizes, but also of combinations of bricks and shapes, like rounds, plates and transparent pieces. It was expected that pictures of real bricks would generate significantly better LEGO® mosaics. And it does. Perhaps you would like to download an example of an interesting LEGO® mosaic. And how about this one: made from photographs of real LEGO® bricks (thanks Jeremy). As if it's in your living room showing off! This picture is really made with Legoaizer, and the picture does not exist in real live.

With Legoaizer you can:
create a photo mosaic design with LEGO® and Ministeck® bricks/parts
projects: takes your choice, amount and size of your LEGO® or Ministeck® collection into account
easy workflow, where settings are remembered or saved as projects to resuming your mosaic later
several choices of color matching engines, colors, pictures, dithered and black and white
define your own set of colors for color dithering to optimize brick use
print the mosaic design on multiple pages, and in pdf format to print at various sizes with no loss of quality
edit each individual brick
integration with Bricklink database, create from Bricklink database, upload wanted list (.xml) to Bricklink
use of combo bricks: a 1x1 square base op top of which a round plate is put with endless colour variations
output as bitmaps and excel spreadsheet to easy post-process your project
extensive help documentation and tutorial to guide you through the full process

What's new in version 4.2 build 176-180
• Added Excel 2010 and later support
• Warning added if identical colours are found in the same set
• Fixed the 'Admin message' repeating issue
• Fixed a transparency issue for beads
• Fixed an iteration to target amount issue
• Cleaned the button area for more focus per type
• The Standard Colours can now be activated more easily
• PDF output now also correct for large amount of colours
• PDF output now has two types of printing styles
• Provided a dedicated entry for Bricklink in the main menu
• Moved the preferences to the Tools in the main menu
• Fixed a 'Check-for-update' freeze when being off-line
• Fixed an visualization issue in the BrickBuilder for beads
• Fixed bug in the project reading file
• Added new defaults in the configuration file for Mondriaan

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