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    Who Viewed My Profile - Fbook v14.0

    Who Viewed My Profile - Fbook v14.0 | 3.7 MB

    Let's check who viewed my Facebook profile. This application is for entertainment Use only. Application will help you to find the people who visited my Facebook profile most. You may find "Who has Crush on you" with this application. You can find profile visitors/profile stalkers/profile spy.The best thing about this app is we also show user that who is your profile admires.
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    Fake GPS Location Premium v2.03
    Fake GPS Location Premium v2.03 | 8.2 MB

    This app will overwrite your current location to a fake location so any third party apps, websites or services will think you are there. You can use it to test the GPS in apps, find people in different cities, fly your GPS from city to city without moving, geotag a photo, share a location on social networks or show that you’re somewhere else as an excuse.
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    Instant Translate — Translator Premium v2.0

    Instant Translate — Translator Premium v2.0 | 2.8 MB

    With Instant Translate: Translator, you can speak and translate words and phrases between over 90 languages, use text-to-speech and browse through already-done translations in the history.
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    Whistle Camera HD Pro v1.0.46

    Whistle Camera HD Pro v1.0.46 | 8.05 MB

    This app will allow you to make excellent pictures without touching your phone; just whistle and your camera will automatically take a high-quality picture. Easy to use ,Beautiful interface ,HD quality.
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    pFolio for Google Photos v2.6.13

    pFolio for Google Photos v2.6.13 | 3.8 MB

    Powerful Offline App Fast Google Photos Android app that excels at offline viewing. pFolio optionally auto downloads your photos for fast viewing wherever you go. Cast to your TV with chromecast. Show slideshows with animations.
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    ShutterFolio for Shutterfly v2.7.1
    ShutterFolio for Shutterfly v2.7.1 | 3.9 MB

    ShutterFolio is the best photo gallery, uploader, and slideshow app for Shutterfly or former Kodak Gallery accounts. Show your photos even when you don't have a network connection. Automatically upload pictures to Shutterfly for easy backups and orders. Choose from a dozen slideshow animations and transitions!
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    Resize Me! v1.73 (Ad-free)

    Resize Me! v1.73 (Ad-free) | 3.7 MB

    Resize your photos easily with 'Resize Me!' before sending them by Email or sharing them on Twitter, Facebook, ... You can do that with just one click, or use the interface to rotate, crop and resize.
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    Download Manager Accelerator Premium v1.6
    Download Manager Accelerator Premium v1.6 | 6.4 MB

    Use this Download Manager for Android to efficiently download and manage any type or size file in your phone or tablet. Download Accelerator overcomes most of the limitations of the default download manager. Faster, reliable, pause and resume, scheduling time downloads, option to download only when WIFI is available to save mobile bandwidth...
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    WiFi Analyzer Pro v1.8.3

    WiFi Analyzer Pro v1.8.3 | 4.6 MB

    The most intuitive WiFi analyzer application on the Android Market! This app monitors and analyzes your network and warns you if there are problems.
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    CCleaner Professional v1.18.69 Final

    CCleaner Professional v1.18.69 Final | 5.73 MB

    Keep your Android clean, safe and fast using CCleaner! Remove junk, reclaim space, monitor your system and browse safely. Become the Master of your own device with the ultimate cleaning app for your Android! PRO features Unlocked | Analytics disabled.
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    Apps2SD PRO: All in One Tool v11.6 Patched

    Apps2SD PRO: All in One Tool v11.6 Patched | 14.2 MB

    Apps2SD is your personal app manager which brings you a hassle free and very interactive interface to solve this problem by moving/linking all your apps to the SD card. To make the task even easier it comes with an inbuilt partition tool for your SD card.
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    A Better Camera Unlocked v3.42

    A Better Camera Unlocked v3.42 | 13 MB

    Forget about having dozens of camera apps. A Better Camera does everything you need. HDR: vivid colors and rich detail, photos looking like taken with a DSLR and processed with Pro software, Panorama: up to 360 degrees, up to 100 MPix, Unwanted objects removal: remove objects from the photo with a tap, Night mode: capture sharp and noise-free photos in any illumination, Group portrait: make everyone smile, fuse faces from series of photos into one, Video recording + time lapse, Pre-shot: capture what happened before you tap the button, Sequence shot: capture the evolution of the dynamic scene, Burst and expo-bracketing: Pro functions in your mobile camera, Self-timer, Zoom.
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    Multi Calculator Premium v1.5.9

    Multi Calculator Premium v1.5.9 | 6.5 MB

    Multi Calculator is the best application of mathematical and financial calculation that contains several useful calculators and converters. Try these powerful computing capabilities and intuitive and elegant application designed. On Android Wear, Standard Calculator & Currency Converter are available.
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    All-in-One Calculator Pro v1.1.7

    All-in-One Calculator Pro v1.1.7 | 5.7 MB

    All-in-One Calculator is a lightweight, clean and easy to use calculator and unit converter pack. Containing over 50 calculators and unit converters packed in with a scientific calculator with 40 vibrant colour themes, it's the only math app you will ever need from now on on your device.
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    Smart Light Pro v2.3.5 build 20 Patched

    Smart Light Pro v2.4.2 Final | 2.22 MB

    Smart Light Pro is the 5th set of Smart Tools® collection (LED, magnifier, mirror).It includes 3 tools (Smart Flashlight, Smart Magnifier and Smart Mirror).
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