Hello, I'm looking for the program "Antenna Magus Vers. 5.1.0" for Windows 7. Where can I find that? (Crack, Patch, Keygen) ??? sharki

3 Apr 2016 sharki -0.43

Answers (4)

  • srinath41 4 Apr 2016

    Just for 60$ I can send you the original license copy.
    If ready to purchase, I will send you the Paypal ID for it.

  • sharki 4 Apr 2016

    Hello Thank you for your offer. I did not understand if you choose to only a license key or the whole (c. 550 MB) program. I search for the whole program and possible in several languages, or at least German.

  • sharki 4 Apr 2016


  • karolus 5 Apr 2016

    Hi, sharki
    The information I provided you (email message) were relevant to help you?

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