Nitroflare Download Policy Change:

I received this from Nitroflare this morning:

"Greetings to all our customers!

Following unusual events and recent frauds we have decided to reduce our daily download limit from 50GB to 25GB.
Compensating this move, we now introduce an option to purchase extra bandwidth to users who wish to download beyond this limitation.

You can browse the offers in the following link: (only premium members can purchase additional bandwidth).

The extra bandwidth usage starts to calculate in effects only if you exceed your daily download limit, the system first uses the existing bandwidth and only after uses the extra bandwidth if available.

The extra bandwidth extension is non-expirable by time and is usable only while you have a premium membership.


I sent the following response:
"This is a violation of our agreement. I am entitled to 50GB which is meager by standards of other download services such as BigFile and Uploaded which offer unlimited download. May I have my money back, since you are no longer fulfilling your end of our agreement? This is an arbitrary move on your part, not a mutual agreed upon contract. How do you expect to keep customers when you pull this type of fraud? I will file a complaint with those web sites that list your service as a source."

Could you impress upon Nitroflare that it is not good policy to violate customer agreements by reducing services and then egregiously asking for more money to provide the agreed upon services? At least drop them from your links and rely upon reputable firms like Rapidgator and Uploaded.

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  • leets 31 Mar 2016

    Well said.

  • slowcold 31 Mar 2016

    Nailed it. I won't have a nitroflare account because of the really crappy way they treat free users anyway. If they're going to screw over free users, it's only a matter of time til they screw over paying ones.

  • mightywhitey 31 Mar 2016

    I wanted to do the same thing. How can they change the rules half way through contracted time period. This is just not right. I will not renew when my membership expires.

    Buyer beware, I suppose.


  • BrainPecker 1 Apr 2016

    I've got the same note!
    The thing is: instead of reading "Greetings to all our customers!", now should be read < Greetings to all suckers !!! >
    So, I penned a few friendly words:
    "I've bought an account with you for 30 days for 50GB per day. This is a contract!
    Now, after 11 days, you unilaterally decide to reduce the bandwidth to half! This is a Breach of Contract!
    Please, honor your side of the contract, like I honored mine in full (and it was more expensive than ever).
    If you are unable to provide your customers with the promised 50GB daily, and now only serving 25GB, then you ought to expand the Premium Access Period for 60 days.
    Again, please, honor the contract."

    Now check their answer:
    "NitroFlare holds the rights to make changes to our terms of service at any time.
    We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Like mentioned in our introduction
    email sent to you, this is an unusual move but will have many benefits in the future."

    "...benefits in the future." right. The benefit is that I'm going to use my right of spending my money wherever I want to, but surely never again on these crooks.
    I'm sorry for the uploaders, but my wish is that Nitroflare soon joins Rapidshare, Megaupload, Fileserve, Hotfile.......

  • drover 1 Apr 2016

    Left them weeks ago, when they not only had currency conversion rates that were 20% over Bloomberg but ALSO added $5.00 USD for me using Visa.
    Seems some greedy sod in Israel wanted his cut...NF are assholes.

    Sooner gone the better.

  • kokitch 2 Apr 2016

    Nitroflare is terrible. I feel sorry for the people who paid for 1 year premium. It's way past time for the uploaders here to drop this service.

  • bomber4 5 Apr 2016

    I had the same response as you have all said, this is a breach of contract and a breach of faith with long serving customers particularly after I have just paid for 6 months.

    We need more people making more complaints, especially to the country they operate in.

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