Please bring back uploaded. I dont have bitcoins for the other services.

26 Mar 2016 fussy 0.00

Answers (5)

  • gymnut 26 Mar 2016

    It's not a matter of "bringing Uploaded back". Uploaders choose which services they want to upload to, i.e. Rapidshare, Uploaded, Nitroflare, etc. It all depends on the choice of the Uploader.

  • w0lfie 26 Mar 2016

    You can buy bitcoins via a merchant.

    Bitcoin is simply a medium for exchanging goods or services.
    Bitcoin has the advantage of almost zero fees anywhere to anywhere (although I've noticed the hosting sites still add big fees, less than visa/MC etc of course).

    Bitcoin is likely to be more and more common in the coming years.

  • shablagoo 27 Mar 2016

    One alternative would be to check with the exact name of the post and the keyword "" (including the double quotes) in google. Chances are that you'll find it in another posting site.

  • kokitch 31 Mar 2016

    Yeah, I wish more uploaders would use instead of the nasty nitroflare.

  • viky7 1 Apr 2016

    You can use free multihosters(there are 100s for Rapidgator but you need to go through ads).

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