Program to copy/delete/move files to system <dirs>

(for ex. WinSXS dir ) without changing users or owner rights, Thanks.

14 Mar 2016 Uthred 55.69

Answers (3)

  • silversurfer 14 Mar 2016

    Use Hiren's Boot CD.
    Power on PC with Boot CD inserted.
    Start the included Windows from CD.
    Mount the system drive to the startet Windows.
    Copy your files from <source> to <destination> directory (on your mounted system drive).
    Shutdown Windows.
    Remove CD.
    Restart PC und boot into your windows.
    Check copied files.
    That's all!

    And yes, there's no over way to copy files to a directory without the needed user rights.

  • silversurfer 14 Mar 2016

    btw: your can download the boot CD here:

  • Uthred 14 Mar 2016

    Thanks, silversurfer!

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